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Probiotics represent one of the fastest growing and most reputable segments in nutritional supplements. A great deal of research, past and present, documents the significant contribution probiotics can safely make to health and well being.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of probiotics. Today, informed consumers are choosing probiotic products that exhibit the hallmarks of quality, viability and effective delivery.




Are you a consumer looking to buy high quality, high viability probiotic products? Nutraceutix does not sell products direct to consumers.  However, please use our contact form to tell us what you are looking for and we'll do our best to help you locate a source.









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With a wealth of specialized process and technology patents combined with 30 years of experience as a probiotic supplier and registered GMP contract manufacturer, Nutraceutix delivers the premium probiotics in a variety of forms – from bulk powder to capsules and tablets.  The vast majority of products we produce for research and quality conscious brands have a clear advantage; they incorporate Nutraceutix novel and patented advancements that markedly improve the delivery of viable probiotics to optimal locations in the digestive tract.

Our proven expert processes help ensure extended shelf life for probiotic supplements, even at room temperature. Our globally patented BIO-tract®, ProbioSphere® and Viablend® delivery technologies not only protect probiotic organisms from damage by stomach acid on their way to the intestinal tract, but also enable custom release profiles optimized for probiotics and other active ingredients. These exclusive processes and technologies help spell success for your products and are truly

Better for Research.  Better for the Brand.  Better for the Consumer.

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